Summer Background

Sunday, November 30

After Thoughts

So.. I hope everyone Thanksgiving was as great as mine. I never did get around to doing any of the things I thought about doing; but hey there is always next year. Some of the food we had was turkey, homemade stuffing, candied yams, sweet potatoes, green beans with breading, cauliflower with breading, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, salad, broccoli, cucumber salad, and corn. We took a whole bunch of pics which I will be able to post later.

I also went shopping the day after and thank goodness that we invited someone along to come with me and Dennis otherwise I would not of woken up in time to get to the store for the good deals. The store employees seemed very crabby. My first stop was walmart which had a ton of stuff and was 10x more busy than last year. Alot of the employees tried to stop you front putting stuff in your cart before 5 am but that did not stop me or any of the other eager shoppers and evetually the walmart empoloyees just let us all be. I will say even though there were a few mis-understanding (which I wont even get into) the day was not all that bad.