Summer Background

Monday, June 22

Independence I think not

Natalie is so independent when she WANTS to be, with the exception of one thing. She can get dressed by herself, brush her teeth, put her coat on, get in her car seat and buckle her self up, put her shoes on, pedal her bike, wash her body, and do EVERYTHING ELSE; but that ONE thing. Do you really want to know what that 1 thing is, it is wiping herself when she goes #2, I am not sure why not, maybe she is afraid she is going to get it on her hands, you know I am not really sure. I know every time she has a #2, because all I have to do is listen to the howl come out of the bathroom " Mom I have POOOOOOP", or another one of her phrases is "I have big giant poop". It kind of cracks me up at the same time; I get a thought in the back of my head, yuck why am I wiping my kids butt. I don't know, maybe it is just a phrase, but in any case I usually know how big it is, because my darling little Natalie is sure not to forget that part.

Wednesday, June 10

Haley Dance Review (05/30/2009)

Haley took a Jazz class with Richards School of the Dance in Oshkosh, WI. She LOVED it, and for this being her first year I would say she did pretty darn good. She is going to take a "Mini-Summer Camp" next week to learn some tap moves. She is going to be in Tap and Jazz this coming fall for '09-10 and Natalie is going to be in a class called "Tiny-Tots", which is just tap. I am very excited especially considering how good the show really was. It was a performance. Well in any case here you go with a picture, Haley is going to be in the 2nd row on the right hand side(last one). Their Jazz dance was to Alvin and the Chipmunks son "Witch Doctor". I will also post the link to the dance school's website so you can check them out if you would like. They are highly recommended not just by me but by other people as well. So you can exactly see why we enjoy them so much.

If you go to photos and when the seperate link comes up it will be page 15 with her dance class with some more pictures, ENJOY!

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything, but I just wanted to post a little something so you can see how things have been. May was a VERY busy month for us. We had Dennis Birthday, my grandma came to visit, Haley had her recital (which I will be posting ), and it just seemed that we had things going on every weekend with the kids. Haley will be done with school on Friday (YEA) and than she will be a BIG fourth grader. We are planning on taking the kids out of daycare for the summer, you know to save a little green.

As far as the whole losing weight thing, that is a BIG up and down with me. I can lose some than I gain it back. I am trying REAL hard to get on a regular exercise routine but with the kids it has been very difficult. We will see how the summer goes with that.

As far as our plans for the summer, we are going to be taking a road trip to Corolla Beach, NC and renting a beach house with my sister-in-law and her family. It should be a lot of fun considering we have not really been a vacation EVER. I will definitely post pictures when we return or as we are there. We are hoping for a relaxing summer, but anything is possible.

Well I am going to go for now and hopefully get a few of Haley's dance class on here for all to see.

My Grandma came to visit

My grandma who lives in Florida came to visit in May. It was so nice to see her, last time I saw her was about 4 years ago; so it has been awhile. I should be seeing her again when October gets here.

Ok Grandma here are the pictures I told you I was going to post (ENJOY!)

(I love this next one, this is cute )

The Hubby's Birthday

My husband's birthday has already come and gone, me and the kids just blew up balloons and had streamers and bought a cake for him with candles. We made spaghetti and had his mom and dad over for dinner. It was a nice little dinner; so here are a few pics for your enjoyment.