Summer Background

Saturday, September 19

Haley decided that she wanted to play volleyball, so we signed her up and these are just a few pictures of the first game. Some are very hard to see, the lighting in the school gym made the pictures turn out really dark. Haley is wearing a bright green shorts with a tank top , you might be able to see her standing there.

Monday, September 7

First Day of Dance Class

As posted earlier, Haley and Natalie are in dance this year. Haley has Tap and Jazz and Natalie is in Tap (Tiny Tots). I took some pictures of them before we left to go so here are some for your enjoyment.

First Day of School

The First Day of School started on September 1st. I took a few pictures of the kids that morning before we left to head off to school.

Jared's first day was pretty good, before we even arrived at school he was so excited and just wanted to get there, but of course once we did get there he did not want to stay. After I got there in the afternoon to pick him up he seemed fine and as if he had a lot of fun with his new friends. I think he is going to have a good year and each day we go to school it seems to be easier and easier to drop him off.

Haley's first day was very good. She has the same teacher as last year so I know this school year is going to be just as exciting as the third grade. I know she is getting older and I could tell that on the 1st day because when I dropped her off I did not get a hug or kiss and she told me she was ready.