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Sunday, November 23

Black Friday Are you bold enough to go..

So.. I want to know how many of you are going to be shopping the Day after Thanksgiving or will you be staying in bed where its nice & warm? NOT ME I am going to be one of those crazy shoppers that if you dont watch out you just might get run over. I will do what it takes to get "that" item. I am really excited now that I found out what the stores are going to be having. Want a hint as to how I found this out just follow this link:
I think I will end up starting out at Wal-Mart like I did last year; the nice thing is; is that you can wait inside at least the one by my house you can. I am finally truly getting excited about the holidays approaching. Between christmas shopping (even on a budget), putting up the christmas tree, decorating the tree and listening to christmas music has really gotten me going. I will have to post some pics of our house all decorated up with garland around the celings.
Well I will talk to everyone later. Take care.