Summer Background

Saturday, December 12

Thanksgiving 2009

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving !!

New addition : Meet Savanna Rose

My sister finally delivered her baby on Thursday Dec 10 2009. She weighed 6lb 14oz and was 19inches long. The delivery was difficult for both my sister and her baby, they both ended up with high fevers and infections. With some antibotics and lots of monitering everything turned out good, and she will get to take her baby home on Monday. It was so exciting and wonderful because I almost forgot what it was like to hold a little one like that. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Arthur for a week

Last week Jared got to bring "Arthur" home and his backpack of books and flashlight. Each week in Jared's class each child gets a turn to take Arthur home and than they write a journal entry; or I should say the parents write a journal entry of Arthur's adventures at that child's house. Jared played trains, read books and took Arthur on car rides. It was really fun to watch him wear the headlight and pretend he was a train conductor. Here are just a few pictures we took of his time with Arthur.

Sunday, November 22

Let the Holiday Festivities begin!!

Yesterday , we went to our local mall for a "Wake up Santa" and here are some pics of the kids making noise and the "Santa Clause" sleeping.

Haleys 10th Birthday !!!!!

I can not believe Haley has already turned 10! Her Birthday was on 11/12, on the day of her birthday we sent her a bouquet of balloons and a web-kins to her school and from what I hear she was very surprised. The Saturday after her birthday we had a birthday party at Rocky Rococo. It included hanging out with her friends, pizza, soda, ice-cream cake, pin the pepperoni on the pizza. It was alot of fun and she got alot of neat presents this year. She mostly invited friends from her class but also a few cousins. Enjoy the pictures.

Halloween 2009

Here are some pictures of the kids for Halloween this year. Jared was a vampire, Natalie was Ariel, and Haley was a cat. This Halloween Jared ended up being sick so he helped pass out candy to the few trick or treaters we did get. Haley went to a Halloween party at her cousins house and I took Natalie around the block. Since we did not get very many trick or treaters, we still have TONS of candy to go thru.

Monday, October 26

Haley's school picture 2009

This is Haley's school year picture. I was really pleased with how well the school pictures turned out this year. This picture will be another one that I will be mailing or giving to family also. I look at this one and think oh my gosh Haley is growing up so fast.