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Monday, December 1

Jared is 4 (11/30/04)

So ... my Jared is 4 yesterday. He had a pretty good birthday, lots of birthday presents. We gave him a digital camera and some trucks on Thanksgiving and than yesterday we gave him a pair of Handy Manny PJs, Cars Slippers, and Batman Shoes. From Grandma Debbie he got a truck with tools that you can take apart and put back together, which has kept all of the kids occupied. I made him some chocolate cupcakes to take to school today; which he was super excited about. My little baby boy is getting to be such a big boy. He knows how many fingers are four so when you ask him how old he is he says "Im Four"; he is just talking so much and some of things that comes out of this kids mouth still surprise me half the time. Well Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy.