Summer Background

Wednesday, November 19

To correct or not to correct is the question you tell me....

So.. I thought I would share a little story about this morning when I was getting the kids off for school. My husband left his crutches in the van and of course Jared is curious and asks me "whats that" ; well Haley ended up answering before I could and says "crotches" I start laughing a little and I say "NOOOO Haley that is crutches." Of course shes curious to being 9 years old and all so she asks me "what is a croch?" I explain to her that it is a female part down there and she says "well what do boys have?" So I thought about this for a moment before I answered and I said "boys have a penis" and of course still curious she says "do they pee out of it to?" I say "Yes Haley but we are not talking about this at school " and I change the subject.