Summer Background

Monday, April 13

Well since the last time I posted I am still at the same weight 138. Which I am not complaining because I am not going back up. I am trying to at least 3 times a week to get some sort of physical activity. IT can be really tough though with the kids. I am so glad we joined the YMCA because it is also a good opportunity for the kids to get off the couch and so something physical. I am hoping that I will start seeing more results; at least by summer get down to 130-134, I would be happy with that and than continue to go down from there. The next time I update I will update some Easter pictures of the kids.

Our Easter was not to bad, I made some dinner and we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the afternoon; more to come probably later this week.

Well wish me luck and hopefully the next time I update everyone about my weight I will of lost at least 1 if not 2 more pounds, but we will see.

Well good night and I will talk to everyone later !