Summer Background

Thursday, November 13

Dont you wish you could wrap them up

So this morning as I was getting up for work my little Jared woke up and came downstairs thinking we were going to get to cuddle together; well I told him right away I said "Jared mommy is going to take a shower now" "No mom you cuddle wif me", "Ahhh Jared but mommy has to get up" "no you cuddle wif me" "Ok for a few minutes and than I HAVE to get up" "ok" so we lay there for a few minutes I try to turn and get up and here plop right in my face is a hand and where is his hand going but right around my neck. I think he squeezed so tight I was losing circulation. So I lay there for a couple more minutes thinking ok any minute now hes going to go back to sleep before he has to actually get up. NOPE. I start to get up again and his hold around my neck gets a tad bit tighter so I say "Jared its time to get up, do you want to watch cartoons while mommy takes a shower?" "No mom its dark" of course than I had to lay there a little while longer. So eventually he let me off the hook I go to take a shower and I give him a cupcake or as he likes to call it a muffin. I put the TV on go to take my shower and think oh no big deal hes going to watch cartoons and eat his "muffin" ; I get out of the shower come downstairs and what do I see powered sugar all over the table and what else oh yes 6 powered sugar doghnuts; how you ask he got powered sugar doghnuts well he decided to climb the pantry to get something he wanted to eat. I say to him "Jared OH MY GOODNESS, this is WAY to many" "No siwwy mommy" So we agreed if he could eat 2 he could have more; he only took 1 bit out of 1 of the doughnuts.

Sometimes I wish I could wrap my cutie patotie up and take him with me whenever I need something to cuddle with especially this morning.