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Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

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So I thought I am going to have off for 4 days and I figured at least Thanksgiving morning I could sleep until 7, but who was I kidding ; I guess I wont complain to much because I did get to sleep a little longer this morning and did go to bed earlier last night; but my point that I am trying to make is my kids all week long hate getting up early, they fight me on it, lets just face it people its a pain in the butt most morning. So.. why is it when kids/parents have days off they feel the need to be up at the crack of dawn; seriously whats up with that. Kids must have this timer in their bodies that tells them mommy and daddy are trying to catch a few extra z's or something and that they need to be woken up. OK thats enough now to the important stuff I just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and hope all is well and safe if your traveling. Try not to eat to much turkey even though it can be addicting.

I just want to say my favorite part of Thanksgiving is Family and than the food. I love to prepare the meal (even though it can be a pain the rump), and try to have fun doing it; I am going to try something a little different this year at dinner time ; I saw these really cool crafts at one of my favorite sites that I am going to attempt to get everyone to do. I will let you know how that works. Well I guess I better get ready and get to my mother in laws because instead of having Thanksgiving in my small place we are actually going to to it where we have room to roam.