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Thursday, July 8

Washington D.C. Day 2

We attempted to hit up D.C. on day 2 being here and that did not work out so well.  Not only did the heat play into a factor but also the fact that there was really NO place to park.  We drove around for about an hour and finally found a spot that was not so good because none of the things we wanted to see were close to us.  So we ended up walking back to the car after walking for 45 minutes.  We are leaving early tomorrow morning to head to our last stop of Chicago, IL and staying there for 1 night.  When we arrive we will not do anything until the following day which may include either the Brookfield Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, or possibly just a movie.  It all depends on what time we arrive and the weather.  In any case I have attached the pictures that we were able to take so hope you enjoy. 

DC Round 2 001 DC Round 2 002 DC Round 2 003 DC Round 2 004 DC Round 2 005 DC Round 2 006 DC Round 2 007 DC Round 2 008 DC Round 2 009 DC Round 2 010 DC Round 2 011 DC Round 2 012 DC Round 2 013 DC Round 2 014 DC Round 2 015 DC Round 2 016 DC Round 2 017 DC Round 2 018 DC Round 2 019 DC Round 2 020 DC Round 2 021 DC Round 2 022 DC Round 2 023 DC Round 2 024 DC Round 2 025 DC Round 2 026 DC Round 2 027 DC Round 2 028 DC Round 2 029 DC Round 2 030 DC Round 2 031 DC Round 2 032 DC Round 2 033 DC Round 2 035 DC Round 2 036 DC Round 2 037 DC Round 2 038 DC Round 2 039 DC Round 2 040 DC Round 2 041

D.C. Day 1

Below are some pictures we took from our first visit into Washington D.C.  As my sister-in-law advised us there are a lot of homeless people, which is very surprising but I can voucher for that one.  The sites are so beautiful and the architecture is so amazing.  We were in the middle of taking pictures when security decided they needed to kick everyone off the sidewalk & road & we needed to move out of the area fast (whatever this reason may be).  In the first few pictures you will see a whole bunch of police cars that look like there was a bust and this place they were at; which is kind of crazy to think.  I would say the only two things frustrating about D.C. that I found was the construction/detours & parking spaces.

Well hope you enjoy the pictures (and yes the ones with us a family Jared was very cranky this time of the night).

Tuesday, July 6

Day in VA Beach

Today we went to Virginia Beach and it was a lot of fun.  No matter how many times Jared got knocked over by the waves, he got right back up and started jumping them again.  Natalie was not to fond of the waves but she did allow Dennis & I to hold her & take her out in the water.  Haley is another one that the waves did not phase her.  It was tons of fun to see everyone having such a blast.  Enjoy these pictures from today


Day 2 in Virginia

On day 2 we went to the local “Y” and swam for a good portion of the day.  Sadly we did not take any pictures because we were having way to much fun swimming.  Since we did not take any pictures yesterday I am going to post some pictures from our day 1. 

4th of July 2010 010

4th of July 2010 065

4th of July 2010 138

4th of July 2010 135 Vacation Set 1 July 2010 181

Natalie loves to shake her bon-bon

I took this video of Natalie at the fireworks yesterday and you can see that she is enjoying herself.

Monday, July 5

Let the Vacation begin

For the week of Fourth of July we are on vacation in Virginia for a few days and than we are going to head off to Washington D.C. and than for a final stop we are going to be Chicago, IL.  For the Fourth of July we went to Yorktown, VA to watch the fireworks and we were told it was the best in the state.  From watching them I know we would definitely agree.  We also visited a place called Bennett's Creek.  The kids got to see Crabs, Jelly Fish, and minnows.  There was a park that the kids could play on and they also got to climb a tree.  That was pretty much the first day of our vacation.  

Here are some pictures of some of the events that took place that day. 

This first picture is of my sister-in-law’s twin girls (Addison & Avery) & Haley / Natalie4th of July 2010 008 This picture is of my sister-in-law’s son Zach, Jared & Natalie

4th of July 2010 019

This is all the kids & my sister-in-law’s husband Sam looking for crabs.

4th of July 2010 036 

This is a picture that Dennis took of Haley inside one of the tubes at the playground and I do have to say it is beautiful.

 4th of July 2010 055 Climbing up the tree

4th of July 2010 065


Hope you enjoy !  I am going to try & post a video of Natalie dancing her buns off later if I can figure out how to do it.