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Wednesday, November 12

Happy 9th Birthday Haley

Today is Haley's birthday and exactly at 11:15 am she will be 9; can you beleive it I cant. I have attached some pics from all the way back when she was a baby until now, which makes me want to cry to see how much shes grown. Were having a small surprise birthday party for her tonight so hopefully she will be really surprised especially since she does not think we are doing anything. Well hope you enjoy the pictures.

Dear Haley,

I want to say how I glad to be your mother, you make me laugh and happy as a mother. I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. From the time you were born I have loved you so much. Your a bright and energetic young spirit who has a way of making others around her put a smile on their face.
So with this being said : Happy Birthday To You; Happy Birthday To YOu; Happy Birthday Dear Haley; Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Dear Haley.