Summer Background

Sunday, May 1

I got a deal

Saturday I went to Pick N Save and wow did I ever get a deal.
My grocery bill started out at $133.00, than I gave my store card and it went to $79, and than I gave my coupons and my final price was $49. Yes, I said it right went from $133. down to $49. I could not believe it either.
I was able to stock on a couple of items that were to good to pass up. I was browsing the aisles to see what I could use my coupons on and I came across some Oxiclean Powder that was 50% off it's normal price. So from $4.14 down to $2.07, than I happened to remember I had a coupon for $1.00 off any Oxi Product. I bought whatever was on the shelf; which happened to be 14 of them. If I were to buy this item at retail I would of ended up $57.96, but I only paid $11.98 because a few of the coupons doubled. So in the end my price only ended up being $.86 per container. If I would of been thinking while I was shopping I would of done 2 separate transactions to maximize my savings. Lesson learned for next time.

My other good deal was on Pillsbury products. Pick N Save had them 10/$10 and I had coupons for .40 off 2 items, so in reality I only paid .80 for each one (Not a bad deal either).

Another good deal, I wanted to mention was at Wal-Mar they have Crest Mouth Wash for $4.00, I had a coupon for $2.00 off each one, which than brought my price to $2.00 per mouthwash. This coupon was only good until 4/30, but I noticed in todays newspaper there is another crest coupon for $.75 off one, which for Crest is still a good price in the end of $3.25. This mouthwash I know normally runs over $5.00.

Even though I had to stop at 2 other stores to get what I wanted, Overall I did Excellent shopping. Which brings me to another lesson, always look closely at the bottom/ top shelves because you never know what deals are going to be hiding in plain sight; and yes it might take you a little longer to shop, but think about the savings in the end.
I know it is late in the day to mention this, but today was a very good day for ads in the Sunday Newspaper, there was a total of 4. I had a P&G, Red Plum, Moments to save, and 1 other one and most definitely alot of good deals/savings.

Until next time TTFN - And remember Pay full price for an item, I think not, because I am sure there is a coupon for that :)

Thursday, April 28

My deals today

I was on a roll today getting free samples and getting coupons printed that I thought I would share with you what I got.

Free Sample of Dove Deodorant/ $1.00 off

Coupon for $1.00 off 1 ANY Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets (Facebook) also has some great print off coupons

Another Facebook coupon on All 28 loads or larger $1.00 off

Another Facebook coupon on Wisk 45oz or larger $1.00 off

Stay free Pads has $1.00 off any stay free product (This could be a potential FREE item depending on what you buy w/your $1.00 off

If you are in need of bottles, Playtex has $1.00 off your next bottle purchase (Facebook)

Playtex Sport Tampons has $1.00 off coupon

Nivea if you are friends on Facebook there is potential for 3 diff coupons $1.00 each on different products

This is what I have for now. I will be doing a shopping trip this weekend and will update you with my savings.

TTFN - Happy Couponing "Never pay retail again"

Tuesday, April 26

Coupon Tips

I am sure you have heard of the hit TV Show "Extreme Couponing" I have taken some lessons from the show, in which I find quite useful. I would like to share some of those tips with you.
1) Organize: When cutting coupons and printing off the various coupon websites put them in some kind of order. I find it helpful to alphabetize, but anyway you organize the better in the long run you will be.

2)Limits: Pay attention to how many of 1 type of coupon you can use. Make sure if it says Limit 4 of the same coupon that you only use 4 or do different transactions.

3)Bigger is not always better: Sometimes going for the bigger item with a coupon will end up costing you more than if you were to buy several of the same item in a smaller package.

4)Time management: Allow yourself ample time to survey each aisle especially if you plan on doing a lot of surprise buying.

These are just some of the few helpful hints that I use when I go shopping. Next time I will share some websites that I often visit or subscribe to in order to save time and money.


Sunday, August 15

Van Dyne Smalltown USA Princess

This year, 8-15-2010, Haley was the Princess for the "Van Dyne Small town Days". I was so proud of her and I know she was also proud of herself. It was definitely a day worth remembering.

Thursday, July 8

Washington D.C. Day 2

We attempted to hit up D.C. on day 2 being here and that did not work out so well.  Not only did the heat play into a factor but also the fact that there was really NO place to park.  We drove around for about an hour and finally found a spot that was not so good because none of the things we wanted to see were close to us.  So we ended up walking back to the car after walking for 45 minutes.  We are leaving early tomorrow morning to head to our last stop of Chicago, IL and staying there for 1 night.  When we arrive we will not do anything until the following day which may include either the Brookfield Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, or possibly just a movie.  It all depends on what time we arrive and the weather.  In any case I have attached the pictures that we were able to take so hope you enjoy. 

DC Round 2 001 DC Round 2 002 DC Round 2 003 DC Round 2 004 DC Round 2 005 DC Round 2 006 DC Round 2 007 DC Round 2 008 DC Round 2 009 DC Round 2 010 DC Round 2 011 DC Round 2 012 DC Round 2 013 DC Round 2 014 DC Round 2 015 DC Round 2 016 DC Round 2 017 DC Round 2 018 DC Round 2 019 DC Round 2 020 DC Round 2 021 DC Round 2 022 DC Round 2 023 DC Round 2 024 DC Round 2 025 DC Round 2 026 DC Round 2 027 DC Round 2 028 DC Round 2 029 DC Round 2 030 DC Round 2 031 DC Round 2 032 DC Round 2 033 DC Round 2 035 DC Round 2 036 DC Round 2 037 DC Round 2 038 DC Round 2 039 DC Round 2 040 DC Round 2 041