Summer Background

Sunday, March 22

So Im on my way.

I have been pretty good, with the whole exercising and eating healthier when I can. I have lost a total of 1 pound, right now as we speak my weight is 139. I normally try to go for a walk at lunch time, which normally gives me 15 minutes and than a walk when Im home at night with the kids (if the weather is decent). I just wanted to give everyone an update. I know it is only 1 pound but than that means I only have 9 more to go. Well I will update again sometime soon.

Saturday, March 14

So now that I have started I have to continue

I went walking at our local mall this morning with my mom; we walked it 4 times and that lasted for about 30-40 minutes which was so nice. I told everyone I am determined to get into summer shape and that is what I meant. IT is wonderful that the weather is getting nice outside that I can start to take the kids outside more. Speaking of which we went for a bike ride today and the two little ones have big wheels which are nice when little ones first start to ride bikes, but the tires do not go anywhere when it is wet outside. I think today we are going to pick up new bicycles for both of them. That is if they take a nap than we can go after their naps and let them pick out something they want.

Well right now today when I weighed myself I am at 141; how does that happen; I am suppose to lose weight not gain weight; oh well I am sure it takes time and dedication to get where I want to be. I AM GOING TO DO IT

OK until next time TA TA FOR NOW !

Wednesday, March 11

I am going to, I have to

I have decided that I want to get in shape before summer gets here, it is just a matter of making time to do it. I think about it, but I just have not gotten the ambition to do it. Well than who can blame me, I normally get up about 5 am than I get ready for work, than I get the kids ready in the morning, than of course I go to work for 8 hours than I come home after picking up Jared from school, than we make dinner than we play around, get ready for bed and than by that time I am lucky if I have time to clean (but yet I have time to blog). I am not sure how exactly to get started. I think I need encouragement to get myself going. I am going to do a weekly post of my weight at the begging of the week and let you know at the end of each week how I am doing and where I am at. My ultimate goal before summer gets here is to get back to my pre-baby weight, which was 120, but I will settle for now 130.

OK, so don't laugh and I know this is the middle of the week, but what a better time to start than now, my weight as of now is 140.6 (yikes).

Well wish me luck in this endeavor as I get to my 1st goal of 130.

Can you beleive this kid is 13

I happen to run across this per a post on facebook. And once you see this you will begin to think this kid is older than 13 but no he is only 13 in this video

Jonathan Krohn Addresses CPAC

And here is his story: