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Sunday, December 14

Thanksgiving Day

I thought I would post some pics from Thanksgiving (I know what your thinking almost Christmas and now you post the pics). You may of seen the ones on ofoto and if you did not well here's a preview of a few of them.

This is Jared snaping a pic with his new handy digital camera

This is Dennis after a whip cream and mashed potato fight he & Shannon decided to have.

Here's Haley sitting at the dinning room table waiting for food.

This is a cute one of Jared and Dawson showing each other cousinly love. Aha how cute...

I'm sure my sister-in-law is loving this one of her family.

This is Shannon helping in the kitchen

Hi Dawson what a nice smile....

Dennis thought he'd be real swift and take a pic of me and my "3" plates of food ; What I was hungry and I couldn't fit it all on one plate so I did 3 (YUM)