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Saturday, December 27

Christmas 2008

Here are some pics from my mother-in-laws house; this is just a few if you want a full view keep watch for Ofoto pics. I was hoping to get some pics from my moms Christmas but our darn camera was not working due to battery issues.

I have now posted anything from christmas day but the kids got exactly what they asked for. Haley got High School Musical and Hannah Montana dolls, clothes, shoes, games, DVDs and some other misc. toys. Natalie got baby dolls, clothes, DVDs, and games. Jared got toys, clothes, DVDs, and games. We did not overboard it this year as last year was which was overloaded and overdone.

I will say Christmas went by WAY TO FAST, much faster than I expected. So. onto the next holiday New Years and hopefully that holiday can be much enjoyed as the last holiday for 2008. For those that will not be going out and will be staying home (as I know we will) I will be watching the ball drop on ABC or whatever channel it is counting down until the new year. Well for now Happy Holidays.
This first pic is of Haley all excited about the holidays


Me giving my husband a smooch

Dennis and his momma

Dawson and Jared

Kiersten and Natalie

Our friends Cassie and Scott

Shannons (Dennis Sister) Family