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Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year and MIsc. Xmas things

All in All the Year "2008" had it's good moments and its bad moments but we got thru it. I decided to post some more pics from Christmas time so enjoy.

This was a picture of our tree with the kids presents under it Christmas morning.

Jared taking a moment out of gift giving (he got to pass out the presents) to say cheese to the camera.

This is Haley Patiently waiting for her gifts.

Finally Natalie has her own barbie car and barbie.

This was after gift opening; Haley decidd to go outside and play in the snow with her best bud next door neighbor Jard

ON a side note I hope 2009 is our year to shine; hopefully no more ER visits, sick days from work, time to exercise (get in shape) and just have a blast with our family. I know I am really looking forward to 2009 to turning out to be the year that changes everything. With Obama now president hopefully that wil be a plus for 2009 as well.

I do not know about the rest of you but I did not go anywhere on New Years Eve,, we just stayed home and played Uno Attack, by the way you have to buy if you have not. Uno Attack is Uno but in my opinion is so much better than regular Uno. Haley got it for Christmas from Santa so shes having a blast playing it with us. New Years Even was speant with 2 of our good friends and just hanging out; which was really nice. I think we still got to bed late and the fake champaigne I think got to my head (or so my husband would say).

As far as New Years Resolutions I do not really have any; I am just going to take each day as it comes and hope its a good one. WEll alright all enjoy the pics I am sure Ill be back soon enough to post more.