Summer Background

Monday, August 10

WI Dells 2009

August 8 was our annual trip to the Dells and once again we stayed at the Wilderness Resort. We made it a semi-family Reunion for Dennis's family. It was a nice picnic on Saturday; especially since he has not seen most of his cousins in about 5 years. I know we plan on making frequent trips to Illinois so this way not so much time passes by. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed getting together with everyone.

This first picture is of Jared at the picnic being goofy of course.

This next picture is of Dennis's cousin Roberta, they are only a few weeks apart and from what I understand were best friends growing up .

This picture is of me trying to shoot the balls at whoever I could catch in the dry play area at the hotel. I think my husband calls this one "Rambo Stacie "

This is Samantha and Jackie's (another cousin) daughter Kate

This is Lori & Frankie

Haley with her bad girl attitude

Almost the whole gang, (Jared is missing, because he decided he was going to not be in the picture), Try to get everyone's name :
Back row: Dennis, Kiersten, Tim (Roberta's boyfriend), Mark (Lori's husband), David (cousin & Lori/Mark's son)
2nd Row : Stacie(me), Natalie, Roberta (cousin & Lori/Mark's daughter), Debbie, Lori (Debbie's niece), Samantha (Lori/Mark's daughter) , Samantha
Front Row : Haley

Mom and Kate

This is Amy and her two daughters : Abby & Emma. Amy is another cousin her mom and dad are Lori & Frankie pictured above. Her husband Jeremy was not in the picture, I think he was cooking

Mom hanging out

Mom and her Niece Lori

Jackie and her daughter Kate (Jackie is a cousin)

Me and Kiersten in the soft play area looking pooped after trying to get all the balls in the bags


Dennis trying to smooch me :)