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Sunday, July 12

OBX 2009

Here are just a few of the pics from our vacation to the "Outer Banks" in North Carolina. We had a blast and took a ton of pics but for some reason this site is not allowing me to post anymore. The beach we stayed on and the beach house we stayed at was on a 4x4 beach only, so no paved roads. It was nice to be off for a week and go somewhere other than Wisconsin. We rented this house with my sister in law. We went to the beach almost everyday and the kids had a blast. If I am not able to post anymore pictures than I will do another post with more pictures. I guess it is good to be back; however the drive was a WHOLE different story. The drive out to NC was not as bad as on the way home. We ended up hitting a huge storm toward the end of Indiana and I could not see anything in front of me so I started hyperventilating- yea I have never done that before, but none the less it was also due to exhaustion, I had already been driving for 15 hours, but the husband had me pull over so he could drive. Well enjoy the very few pics that are on here .

This first one is of a turtle Dennis and I did in the sand

This very last pic above is some of the wild horses that are allowed to roam around the beaches.