Summer Background

Monday, June 22

Independence I think not

Natalie is so independent when she WANTS to be, with the exception of one thing. She can get dressed by herself, brush her teeth, put her coat on, get in her car seat and buckle her self up, put her shoes on, pedal her bike, wash her body, and do EVERYTHING ELSE; but that ONE thing. Do you really want to know what that 1 thing is, it is wiping herself when she goes #2, I am not sure why not, maybe she is afraid she is going to get it on her hands, you know I am not really sure. I know every time she has a #2, because all I have to do is listen to the howl come out of the bathroom " Mom I have POOOOOOP", or another one of her phrases is "I have big giant poop". It kind of cracks me up at the same time; I get a thought in the back of my head, yuck why am I wiping my kids butt. I don't know, maybe it is just a phrase, but in any case I usually know how big it is, because my darling little Natalie is sure not to forget that part.