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Thursday, February 5

Tubes in the ears now 2nd time

So. My little Natalie has to have tubes put in her ears for the second time. Over the last 5 months she has had 3 ear infections. In the last month she has had 2 ear infections, all though this time was worst out of all three times. Last night I was awoken to Natalie's crying about 1230am, I though oh she probably woke up and now wants to sleep with me. Well this just was not the case, she ended up being up from 1230 to 6, when Dennis took her to the ER. The ER gave her some drops, but I thought well I am going to have her ENT Doc take a look. I took her to the ENT doc and he said she has double ear infection and they were so bad that if we waited until May/June that she could have the chance of getting infection after infection; so I said no lets get it done. The last time Natalie had tubes put in her ears was about 2 years ago, she was doing great until the tubes started falling out. Well I will keep everyone updated tomorrow after we get home to let everyone know how the princess is doing.