Summer Background

Sunday, January 25

So make sure you watch what you say..

Today I was sitting at the table reading my newspaper and Jared was on the floor trying to fix his puzzle when all of a sudden I hear "oh f***ers". I looked over and thought what did I hear; did I hear that right; yes I did and than after that Jared is still talking to himself and saying "oh Natalie messed up my puzzle". I thought where the heck did my dear son learn this word. Did something slip out of my mouth at sometime and I did not catch myself; was a TV show we watch or maybe Dennis; I was not sure and since I did not know how to approach this one so I let it slide going into the bathroom to kind of laugh it off. I went to the grocery store later that day and we are at the checkout when yes you've guessed it, he said it again. I go Jared what did you say and he smiles and says nothing and I say Jared what did you say; and he goes "oh f***ers", I than proceed to say "No Jared we do not say that" and he gives me a look like oh I did not know. So hopefully we will not hear that out of his mouth again.

Since hes not the only one who seems to say things that surprise you; just last Monday I was off for the holiday so I got to pick up Haley from school. I knew she looked upset so I asked her what was wrong and she told me it was her worst day ever, so I ask her why and she says to me that her boyfriend (Cameron) broke up with her and when I asked her why she said she did not know he just did so I told her that I was sorry to hear that but there will be plenty of boyfriends when you get older; so of course my wonderful daughters witt she tells me thats ok mom I have back-ups. So I of course take a moment before I proceed to ask her what she said and so I say what do you mean you have back-ups she tells me that Autumn does so she should to. Of course me thinking what does a 9 year old need back-up boyfriends and only in 3rd grade well apparently all the 3rd graders are doing it so she thought she should to; boy the things that I am in for with Haley.