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Wednesday, February 25

My kids have a way of putting a smile on my face...

I love my children, I really do, they just sometimes can do things that frustrate the dickens out of you. It is at the most odd times do they come up with the oddest and weirdest things to say or do. Tonight was no exception the the unruly behavior, I had been yelling at them all night because no one seemed to listen so I was pretty much at that point of screaming. My dear little Natalie decided she was going to make me laugh and smile. She had just gotten out of the bath tub and I asked her to get her pajamas on when she had a fit because she did not want to wear Ariel she wanted Tinkerbell so I give her the Tinkerbell pajamas and she goes in her sarcastic (and believe it or not a almost 3 year old can be VERY sarcastic ) and with one of her angry facial expression "Thanks " and than she goes "I don't care " "I don't care" than she goes from being mad at me to putting on a dance of "shake your booty". Here I am thinking where in the heck does this child who is only going to be three pick up this stuff. Well she continued shaking her butt and saying shake your booty and than I hear her say shake your peanut. Well do I know the only place she has picked up "Peanut" from, none other than Jared who knows the word Penis, so there you have it I have kids who like to repeat what the other one says. So I guess it could be alot worse she could be saying "Penis" but thank goodness she is saying "Peanut". Oh boy if you could of seen her though she was going alright with the whole booty shaking, it was cute how she got me to laugh.