Summer Background

Monday, July 5

Let the Vacation begin

For the week of Fourth of July we are on vacation in Virginia for a few days and than we are going to head off to Washington D.C. and than for a final stop we are going to be Chicago, IL.  For the Fourth of July we went to Yorktown, VA to watch the fireworks and we were told it was the best in the state.  From watching them I know we would definitely agree.  We also visited a place called Bennett's Creek.  The kids got to see Crabs, Jelly Fish, and minnows.  There was a park that the kids could play on and they also got to climb a tree.  That was pretty much the first day of our vacation.  

Here are some pictures of some of the events that took place that day. 

This first picture is of my sister-in-law’s twin girls (Addison & Avery) & Haley / Natalie4th of July 2010 008 This picture is of my sister-in-law’s son Zach, Jared & Natalie

4th of July 2010 019

This is all the kids & my sister-in-law’s husband Sam looking for crabs.

4th of July 2010 036 

This is a picture that Dennis took of Haley inside one of the tubes at the playground and I do have to say it is beautiful.

 4th of July 2010 055 Climbing up the tree

4th of July 2010 065


Hope you enjoy !  I am going to try & post a video of Natalie dancing her buns off later if I can figure out how to do it.