Summer Background

Thursday, July 8

D.C. Day 1

Below are some pictures we took from our first visit into Washington D.C.  As my sister-in-law advised us there are a lot of homeless people, which is very surprising but I can voucher for that one.  The sites are so beautiful and the architecture is so amazing.  We were in the middle of taking pictures when security decided they needed to kick everyone off the sidewalk & road & we needed to move out of the area fast (whatever this reason may be).  In the first few pictures you will see a whole bunch of police cars that look like there was a bust and this place they were at; which is kind of crazy to think.  I would say the only two things frustrating about D.C. that I found was the construction/detours & parking spaces.

Well hope you enjoy the pictures (and yes the ones with us a family Jared was very cranky this time of the night).