Summer Background

Monday, October 13

To many questions by a 9 year old

Ok So I know shes getting up there, shes going to start asking "those" questions that I have been trying to figure out how I was going to answer; and yup they have started. Tonight while we were eating dinner haley goes to me "Mom Im wearing a bra" and I say "Yes Haley I know you are I brought your clothes downstairs last night." Then she says to me "my friend has boobs" and I say "How do you know that Haley?" "Because you can see them mom", (I pause a minunte to think about this) and than Isay back to her"Well Haley everyone gets boobs sometime in there life; you will be getting them someday when your a teenager", she responds "I will?", I say "Yes" and of course she says "Oh Cool".

Well if that conversation was not enough she than proceeds to ask me "When will I put that thing you wrap around your undewear", I say "What thing" (as if Im that confused, which Im not, I know what shes getting at) and she says "The thing you put in your underwear when you bleed?", I say "Well thats when you get your period and you will get one of those when you get older to" and she says "oh than you babies huh?" , I of course say "No Haley, you dont have babies until you find someone you love and than you can have babies"

She had asked something else by this point, dont quite remember what it was but it had to do with sex and I told her that sex is something shared by two people who love each other, between a Man and a Woman. Her response to this was really confused and than she stopped asking me questions. I know more questions will be comming the older she gets, but cant it wait for a couple more years. Thats my Haley for you curious as ever.

Well good night to all.