Summer Background

Wednesday, October 29

I think its just a boy thing

So I was reading a post on my sister-laws blog and it so reminded me of Jared and his boy parts. I am really thinking of not giving Jared and Natalie a bath anymore just because I am dealing with the same sort of thing. Just the other night I was putting clothes away and I can hear Jared in the bathroom say "Natawie look at my penis" I thought to myself no I did not just hear that so of course I go in the bathroom and say "no Jared we do not say that to our sister." This is not the first time that something lik this has happended, he also thinks its funny to pinch his sisters butt.

What really is hard to explain is to Natalie who is only 2 why she should not be taking her underwear and pants off and streaking around the house ; of course she has hers off Jared thinks its ok that he does the same and than they both are running around saying "Look at my butt" and of course here I am chasing to little ones around to get there underwear back on. I dont want anyone to get the wrong idea I guess my kids like to be free.

It must be a boy thing (Rachel) because often if I am trying to help Jared get his pajamas on or help him to get dressed he will sometimes spit out "mom you want to see my pee" (his pee is in reference to his you know what )

Oh boy I think all moms with boys could use a little advice.