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Monday, September 15

WI Dells weekend

We recently went to the Dells a couple of weekend agos and had a blast; here are a few of those pics. THe place we went to The Wilderness was so cool. They have about 3 indoor waterparks, about 4-5 outdoor waterparks, alot of different places to eat, another hotel added onto it, called the Glacier Canyon and an Indoor Soft Play about 3-4 stories high. I would of loved to get pics of our room, because it was located in the Glacier Canyon and was a 2 BDRM with 1 1/2 baths, a fireplace, a balcony and in the 2nd bedroom the beds were more like bunkbeds with a full size on the bottom and a twin on top. It had a full kitchen so we brought our own food and it was just wonderful and the price was wonderful I might add. Well here are some pics and if you want to visit the website it is

This Pic below is another outdoor waterpark, we did not use this one and this is only part of it.

This pic below is another view of the waterpark we spent most of our time at.

This pic below part of one of the indoor waterparks we spent most of our time at.

This pic below is right outside our room of one of the outdoor waterparks .

Defintly a place I recommend anyone to go its well worth the price all year round and your waterpark passes are included in your stay for the whole time you are there and before and after you check in/out.
To see the rest of our pics please check out
Alright well have a nice night!!