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Sunday, September 21

Bed Time Rituals

So I thought I would ask for some suggestions on what other people are doing to get there 3 1/2 year olds into bed. So I will describe a typical night with our sweet sweet little boy; 7:30 its bathtime and than abou 8pm were getting pajams on and than we read a book, by this time its 8:30 pm; we get all tucked in and about 10 minutes later I hear little foot steps that are sneaking down the stairs; He comes down stair and it goes something like this
Mommy: "Its time for bed Jared go to bed"
Jared: "I want a kiss hug"
Mommy (gives jared his kiss & hug) and says "ok Jared now get upstairs and go to bed"
Jared:"ok Im tired"
---5-10 min. later--- those same foot steps are creeping up on my slowly
Mommy:" Jared what did I tell you its time for bed"
Jared: "I need some water"
Mommy "ok Ill get you some water than its time for bed"(I give him a small glass of water and send him off to bed)
------5-10 min. later----there he is again, but this time I didnt hear him
Mommy:"Jared you have school tommorrow get to bed"
Jared:"come tuck me in"
Mommy (walks upstairs & tucks Jared in and says "goodnight and no playing in the bathroom and go to sleep"
Jared: "sleep with me"
Mommy: "no Jared Mommy has stuff to get done before I go to bed"
Jared: "I want sleep in your bed"
Mommy: "no Jared your a big boy who sleeps in his big boy bed"
Jared: "uhh Im tired"
Mommy: (gives Jared another hug/kiss)"ok than go to bed"
---Normally now this time hes finaly gone to bed, hear how I said normally; there are those mornings I find a little boys hand in my face or feet on my stomach and who would of guessed but my little Jared.

Well thats our typical night with a our little sneak... Any suggestions to keep him in bed the 1st time, he doenst get any lights, or movies (last time we did movies he stayed up 2x as long), hes "suppossed" to stay quiet in his room and go to bed. Yea right-hes a boy and hes 3 what more could I expect froma little boy who bats his eyes at me and makes cute faces to get me to melt.

Well good night to all.