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Sunday, May 1

I got a deal

Saturday I went to Pick N Save and wow did I ever get a deal.
My grocery bill started out at $133.00, than I gave my store card and it went to $79, and than I gave my coupons and my final price was $49. Yes, I said it right went from $133. down to $49. I could not believe it either.
I was able to stock on a couple of items that were to good to pass up. I was browsing the aisles to see what I could use my coupons on and I came across some Oxiclean Powder that was 50% off it's normal price. So from $4.14 down to $2.07, than I happened to remember I had a coupon for $1.00 off any Oxi Product. I bought whatever was on the shelf; which happened to be 14 of them. If I were to buy this item at retail I would of ended up $57.96, but I only paid $11.98 because a few of the coupons doubled. So in the end my price only ended up being $.86 per container. If I would of been thinking while I was shopping I would of done 2 separate transactions to maximize my savings. Lesson learned for next time.

My other good deal was on Pillsbury products. Pick N Save had them 10/$10 and I had coupons for .40 off 2 items, so in reality I only paid .80 for each one (Not a bad deal either).

Another good deal, I wanted to mention was at Wal-Mar they have Crest Mouth Wash for $4.00, I had a coupon for $2.00 off each one, which than brought my price to $2.00 per mouthwash. This coupon was only good until 4/30, but I noticed in todays newspaper there is another crest coupon for $.75 off one, which for Crest is still a good price in the end of $3.25. This mouthwash I know normally runs over $5.00.

Even though I had to stop at 2 other stores to get what I wanted, Overall I did Excellent shopping. Which brings me to another lesson, always look closely at the bottom/ top shelves because you never know what deals are going to be hiding in plain sight; and yes it might take you a little longer to shop, but think about the savings in the end.
I know it is late in the day to mention this, but today was a very good day for ads in the Sunday Newspaper, there was a total of 4. I had a P&G, Red Plum, Moments to save, and 1 other one and most definitely alot of good deals/savings.

Until next time TTFN - And remember Pay full price for an item, I think not, because I am sure there is a coupon for that :)