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Tuesday, April 26

Coupon Tips

I am sure you have heard of the hit TV Show "Extreme Couponing" I have taken some lessons from the show, in which I find quite useful. I would like to share some of those tips with you.
1) Organize: When cutting coupons and printing off the various coupon websites put them in some kind of order. I find it helpful to alphabetize, but anyway you organize the better in the long run you will be.

2)Limits: Pay attention to how many of 1 type of coupon you can use. Make sure if it says Limit 4 of the same coupon that you only use 4 or do different transactions.

3)Bigger is not always better: Sometimes going for the bigger item with a coupon will end up costing you more than if you were to buy several of the same item in a smaller package.

4)Time management: Allow yourself ample time to survey each aisle especially if you plan on doing a lot of surprise buying.

These are just some of the few helpful hints that I use when I go shopping. Next time I will share some websites that I often visit or subscribe to in order to save time and money.