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Monday, October 26

Soccer 2009

As most know from previous post, Jared is playing soccer this fall/winter season. These are just a few pictures, not that they are any good because our camera is not all that great and I was standing behind some Plexiglas, but these are just a few of his first day. I am going to try and get some better ones next time he plays. It is really cool to see him learn this sport because it really does teach him to pay attention to directions. They split up to practice and learn some "basics" of soccer before they scrimmaged against a different color team. He really had fun running around trying to get the ball and learned that when he goes to get the ball he is not allowed to touch it, but that he had to kick it. It was alot of fun and it is also nice because the kids do not have to play outside, the YMCA has an indoor soccer arena. His practice/games are held every Saturday until December 20Th, so I am sure you will be seeing alot more pictures of Jared kicking the ball around on the field.