Summer Background

Wednesday, March 11

I am going to, I have to

I have decided that I want to get in shape before summer gets here, it is just a matter of making time to do it. I think about it, but I just have not gotten the ambition to do it. Well than who can blame me, I normally get up about 5 am than I get ready for work, than I get the kids ready in the morning, than of course I go to work for 8 hours than I come home after picking up Jared from school, than we make dinner than we play around, get ready for bed and than by that time I am lucky if I have time to clean (but yet I have time to blog). I am not sure how exactly to get started. I think I need encouragement to get myself going. I am going to do a weekly post of my weight at the begging of the week and let you know at the end of each week how I am doing and where I am at. My ultimate goal before summer gets here is to get back to my pre-baby weight, which was 120, but I will settle for now 130.

OK, so don't laugh and I know this is the middle of the week, but what a better time to start than now, my weight as of now is 140.6 (yikes).

Well wish me luck in this endeavor as I get to my 1st goal of 130.